Artist's Statement

“I originally studied textile design at Art College and worked in the textile industry in London and Yorkshire but my current focus is on painting. For me, painting has always involved mixed media and freely experimenting with colour, texture, pattern and different materials. I usually work from a still life or photograph and I work on canvas or board using acrylics, collage and a variety of materials. I apply layers of gesso to the surface first, let it dry and then either paint directly onto the surface or I stick on layers of decorative papers or materials to add interest. I keep anything and everything in case it comes in useful.

I use brushes, rollers, my hands or anything I can find to apply the paint, and then rub, scrape or scratch the paint away to reveal surprising textures.

My work is inspired by my home life and holidays, and my interests which include my garden and the beautiful Hampshire countryside where I live surrounded by fields, farmlands, wild flowers and an abundance of nature, which, hopefully I can share with you.”